Eagles Entourage screams back to life

Students turn out in droves for in-person events


Brooke Brogan , Co-Editor-in-Chief

After a year of sports games with no fans, Entourage is back. Entourage, the student section at Enochs, shows up to every home game with an abundance of cheers and school spirit. The first home football game on Friday, August 20th filled the stands with black and gold.

In order to excite students about the event, the leadership class was hard at work in planning the student section and advertising it on social media. Ms. Mariano, the leadership teacher, said it was a lot of fun to plan the event with her class. 

“We had lots of fun spirit items leftover from events in 2020, so it was really cool to see the leadership students so happy to have things to hand out,” said Mariano. “The student body was thrilled to get free spirit items.”

A pep rally was held at lunch to further this excitement for the game, complete with a “Pin the L on the Patriot” activity. The cheerleaders also performed for the students. 

Liah Grist, one of the Rally & Spirit Directors, loved attending the game that night. “I stood in front to help run Entourage. It was a lot of fun; we played music and started cheers and things like that,” said Liah.

Liah was even more excited for the game because it is her senior year, and many events were taken away from her class last year. She stated that going to these games as a senior is something she has “looked forward to since freshman year.”

Starting cheers in Entourage was a little more difficult this year due to the fact that both freshmen and sophomores have never been to an Enochs football game as a high school student. 

“It was weird because you have two classes of students who don’t really know what to do, but I think they were just excited to be there,” said ASB President Taylor Hemiller. She did her best to encourage participation in the cheers that night. 

Both Taylor and Liah agree that the back of the student section could have a little more energy. Liah acknowledges that it might be harder for them to hear, so she hopes they can get louder speakers or a microphone at the next game to change that. 

After a 56-0 win against Beyer, many students flocked to In-n-Out to hang out with friends. This is a typical tradition for Modesto City Schools students, as many Beyer kids went there as well. Senior Araba Aidoo says it was refreshing to finally resume this tradition because it felt like a normal high school year again. 

Enochs students can’t wait for the upcoming home games this season. Each of them is themed, so students in Entourage are encouraged to go all out in whatever attire is appropriate for the theme. 

“I think the neon and Luau games will be really fun. I love a colorful student section and these themes are sure to bring that out in our students,” said Mariano. 

Updates regarding Entourage and upcoming sports games can be found on the Instagram account @enochsentourage.