• April 26

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Brooke Brogan

Brooke Brogan, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Brooke Brogan, a member of the Enochs High School Class of 2022, is serving as a Co-Editor-in-Chief in the inaugural year of The Eagle Eye website. Brooke would like to major in either public policy or political science when she gets to college, and although she doesn't know what career path she would like to embark on yet, she knows that she wants to be an advocate for people in need and serve her community. Brooke would love to one day live in New York City and travel the world, and when she isn't hanging out with friends or listening to Taylor Swift, she spends her time volunteering for local activist groups and staying up-to-date with current events. She loves traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures.

What Brooke loves about journalism: "I admire a journalist’s willingness to search for the truth even among controversy. Some topics might make people uncomfortable, but quality journalism sparks conversation by exploring these areas. One of my favorite things about this journalism class is that we discuss these 'controversial' topics, and we learn how to distinguish reliable sources from those that are not."

What Brooke loves about Enochs High School: "I love that everyone at Enochs is so welcoming and not afraid to be themselves. There are a lot of students here, so there is an opportunity for everyone to find their niche."


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Brooke Brogan