Meet Mr. Woodbridge – New Principal soars into Enochs

Everything you need to know about our rock-listening, dad-joke loving principal Mr. Woodbridge


Abigayle McKinney, Editor in Chief

Among the new administrators we are welcoming to the Enochs staff team this year is our very own principal Mr. Woodbridge! 

Before joining the Enochs family and taking on the administration path, Mr. Woodbridge had his sights set on being a coach and PE teacher. “Athletics played a huge role in my life when I was young, in highschool and in college” but opportunities arose that directed him elsewhere. 

While finishing up his work to get his single-subject credential to be a PE teacher, he was offered a position as a special education teacher in Turlock, and switched directions to become a special education teacher for four years. 

However, he wanted to come back to Modesto to be closer to family and was hired at Davis highschool to become a resource teacher, and then later on at Roosevelt Jr. High. Throughout his teaching, he learned that what he really enjoyed was leadership, “I like the challenge of managing an organization” which eventually led him to the administration path and then to Enochs high school. 

Being an administrator is no easy task, and comes with many challenges – which is exactly what Mr. Woodbridge likes about being a principal, “Every day is a different challenge, it’s not monotonous at all” he commented. Each day teaches him new skills and develops his flexibility as an administrator and co-worker to the people around him. 

But not all of Mr. Woodbridge’s life revolves around his work, in fact most of it revolves around his family – his wife and two sons. While he still loves sports, what’s on the tv the most nowadays is Cocomelon and Disney+. Though when it comes to music you’ll find Mr. Woodbridge jamming out to old school classic rock. 

Whether it’s biking, hiking, or fishing you’ll find Mr. Woodbridge outdoors with his sons making memories in his free time; “Camping, going on hikes, going to the lake, the beach – just getting outside and enjoying all the stuff we have such easy access to here in California.” 

One thing you probably didn’t know about our principal is that before he became a dad he tried many crazy outdoor activities, “I’ve been skydiving, parasailing, bungee jumping, all those extreme fun things were stuff that I enjoyed.” Though now he likes to stick a little closer to the ground where he can do safer, fun activities with his kids. 

Now, as a dad you can imagine Mr. Woodbridge is always looking for a good opportunity to sneak in a dad-joke. The one that’s made him laugh most recently is “What did one hat say to the other? Stay here! I’m going on ahead.” Funny, right? 

The parting question for Mr. Woodbridge before we finished our interview was what he was most excited for at Enochs this year; “What I’m excited about is the opportunities ahead of us at Enochs and working together to expand on those opportunities over the next few years.”