The social aspect of fantasy football

It’s more than just make believe – it brings people together


Adrian Ramos, General Editor

The NFL season has just started and a big part of the football season is fantasy football. Fantasy football is an opportunity for people to gather with their friends or random people to draft teams to compete against each other. People gather around 10 people to join a league and they draft football players based on how many points they will get from their stats.

There are many social benefits that come with joining a fantasy football league. People can bond and have a good time when they have a common interest that’s bringing them together. It brings a conversation topic and makes football more interesting to see how your matchups will play out this week. Being able to manage your own team and decide who plays or who should get moved from the team persuades people to make smart decisions if they want to do well in the league. It also can teach people how to negotiate with their assets when trying to make trades with other players.

Punishments for losing the fantasy league can also make it feel more intense and make the league a lot more fun since there is something on the line. People are more invested when they don’t wanna lose and this makes the league even more competitive to people. You have to make the decisions to make your team win.

Football season being from September to February makes the time even more special because there is a very limited amount of football which is why the time is so important to football fans. There are only 17 games during the regular season which limits the amount of the sport you can watch compared to sports like baseball or basketball. “I love football mainly because it’s been a sport I have watched my entire life. It means a lot being my favorite sport because over the span of a season being a big fan we get so interested and care so much for our team that we get a connection and it sucks when your team loses and you feel that heartbreak,” Josh said. Football provides a close connection to the watcher and makes the sport feel like a part of them.

There is a different type of thrill and nervousness that you feel when you’re having a very close matchup in your fantasy football league and you both have your last players to finish their games to decide who wins. You sit there watching the game as you hope your player is the one to get all of the big plays and scores while you try to hope that none of your opponents players are gonna do well. Or sometimes you have those weeks where none of your players do good and you just lose by a lot or where the opposite happens and you win by a lot. That’s what makes fantasy football exciting, you never know what to expect or know who will have what type of week. It is a roller coaster of emotions that provide good bonding experiences with people that share the same interests as you do.