Girls Flag Football Starting Up Next School Year

Girls Flag Football Starting Up Next School Year

“Powerful, powerful women are going to be part of this program.”

Enochs High School’s very own Girl’s Flag Football team will be starting up the fall of next school year. This team is a new addition to our high school’s athletic program, and the staff advisors running it are our very own Campus Supervisors Nicolas Shalita and Jamin Norman.

Shalita and Norman explain the incentive for students to join this new team.

“It’s new, it’s different, students shouldn’t have any trepidation about joining because it’s a brand new thing. So everybody’s on the ground floor. Everybody’s gonna be on equal footing. There’s no prestige program in the district,” says Shalita.

“Another avenue to explore athletic endeavors is always appreciated. It’s just more accessibility to another form, you know, joining a team and being a participant and a representative of Enochs,” explains Norman.

However, for a multitude of reasons, the new team is an underground concept for now. The coaches are looking to spread the word and build some publicity around it.

Shalita is currently working on projects, “to load up starting now. I want to get people to know, because a lot of people don’t even know that it’s coming let alone [that] it’s an official thing.”

As stated previously, there is little to no experience required in order to join the flag football team. If anything, being part of another sports team may help.

“Through their statistics, soccer players make the best defensive players. Basketball players are usually  your receivers. Softball players are usually your quarterbacks, that kind of stuff,” Shalita clarifies.

It’s important to recognize, however, that schedules are delicate when it comes to doubling up on sports, especially considering this sport’s season is in the fall.

“We’ve had issues with travel. They travel a lot, but not everybody plays football or soccer,” Norman says.

Shalita agrees. “I talked to the volleyball coach and he said ‘Well, I guess it just depends on where the games line up.'”

Overall, being part of this program will place you in the history books at Enochs, having partaken in the first season of girl’s flag football at the high school level.

“It’s an opportunity to represent your school by like a historic level of representation because it’s the first of a thing. [It’s] just another opportunity to be like on a team that didn’t exist before,” says Shalita.

Norman also cautions participants on what the activities entail.

“It’s gonna be more physical than they think. It’s gonna be less physical than enlisted, right? it’s non-contact, but it’s full-contact-non-contact. So, it’s going to take a certain caliber of girls,” he explains.

“[You] represent your school through academics, you represent your school through athletics, so it’s a chance for them to be a part of a team that they might not otherwise have,” says Shalita. “Plus, the girls are super tough at this school.”

He looks forward to the potential that could be unraveled as this team grows in size and skill.

“Powerful, powerful women are going to be part of this program.”

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