Friday Night Lights: What’s the deal?

Students flock to games for the football and the fun


Emma Zulawski, General Editor

Football is a national sensation that dominates Friday nights for teenagers. Whether it is a home or away game, has a theme or not, the students always find a way to make it to these weekly events. One question has to be asked though. What draws so many people to these football games? 

Now, it’s no secret that the automatic response is that everyone goes to watch the football game with their friends, which is partly true. However, a lot of people don’t even watch the game that’s dominating some of the viewers’ vision and thoughts. Many kids are walking around and socializing with their peers or standing around in the long, crowded concession lines waiting to order the Tri-Tip sandwich at the Oakdale football game. Some of the students decide to dress up for the theme and stand in the Enochs Entourage while yelling and cheering for their favorite players. 

One 2023 Senior Augustine Manzano said “I meet up with a group of friends and watch some of the game for the first half. After halftime we switch to the other side if we know people and just socialize. We go and get food too and finally countdown the last 10 seconds of the game.”, when asked about what he does during those Friday night games. 

This account raises the main question, Why do these teens choose to go to the game? If they don’t put their attention on the game itself, then why don’t they choose to do something together separate from the game? 

Logan Benton, a senior here at Enochs, said “There’s a different feeling when you go to a football game to see your friends than to do something outside of school.”

He mentions that it’s more entertaining when you go to a football game because you aren’t solely hanging out and socializing with your group of friends, but also with the other people you know and talk to during your classes. Benton also vocalizes that the event of a school competing with another high school adds more entertainment because it’s not only about the football game. It incorporates school spirit by yelling chants, dressing up for the themes, and screaming at the top of your lungs when a touchdown happens for our team. 

Another event that brings many spectators to its opening night is powderpuff. Powderpuff is a popular affair where Junior and Senior girls can sign up to play flag football, while Junior and Senior boys can sign up to be cheerleaders for the night. This annual event brings hundreds of parents and students mainly for the comedic effect. Seeing boys do kick lines and yelling cheers puts everyone in a happy and laughing mood. In addition to that, seeing some girls who you would ever think to be aggressive be out on that field putting in their hardest effort to score touchdowns and get flags while still managing to look good is something nobody wants to miss. 

All of these factors show that these football games mean more than just football. They are social events for these students. Something to show their participation for school events and having fun running around with their friends and figuring out what they want to eat or where they want to go after the game finishes. Friday Night Lights is something no high school student should skip out on because you never know what you could miss.