Powderpuff Party: Class of 2023 remains unbeaten

The Seniors win their second consecutive Powderpuff game


Michael Catanesi, Sports Editor

This year Enochs had its annual Powderpuff game after the football season. Powderpuff is where the girls play football and the boys are the cheerleaders. This year it was a clash between the Junior class of 2024 and the Senior class of 2023. This year was a bit different from years in the past as the practices for Powderpuff were at 7:15 in the morning which discouraged many people as some people did not do Powderpuff solely because of the morning practices. There were a total of 5 practices each lasting an hour. Most days out of the 5 days of practice it was pouring rain in the morning so the girls had to practice football in the gym and the boys had to practice their dance in the dance room. But after the last practice Wednesday morning the players were ready to play the game.

November 9th, 2022 the day of the Powderpuff game. The Seniors were coming into the game 1-0 as they beat the Seniors from last year in a close game. The Juniors on the other hand are coming in fresh playing in their first Powderpuff game. The Seniors came out hot – scoring first and taking the lead to start 6-0. But the Juniors would not give up just yet as not much later they scored and converted the 2-point conversion making the score 6-7 Juniors. The Seniors saw this and bounced back scoring before the end of the first quarter to make the score 12-7. The second quarter came and the scoring basically left as no one scored until there were 3 minutes left in the second quarter where the Juniors scored taking the lead before the half 13-12. 

Halftime came and so did the halftime performances. Once the buzzer went off the Junior and Senior cheerleaders met in the center of the field. The Seniors left and the Juniors stayed so they could start their halftime performance. They did pretty well but the Junior performance was better last year. The Seniors went on to do their performance and did phenomenally (I might be a little bit biased). With only having 5 practices both groups of cheerleaders did a great job during their halftime performance.

After the halftime performance, the second half began. The first to score in the second half was the Juniors to extend their lead to 7 points over the Seniors making it 19-12. This would be the last of the scoring for the third quarter. They went back and forth with turnovers but the Seniors finally got into the endzone and they also converted their 2-point conversion tying the game at 19. But after this score, something wild happened. The Juniors returned the kick after the Senior touchdown for a touchdown of their own to make it 25-19 but the refs called it back because the Junior player returning the kick had their flags tucked in. There was no more scoring for the rest of the regulation and we were headed to overtime. The refs decided to do it by college rules which meant each team would get a chance to score from the 25-yard line. It took the Seniors not too much time to score making it 25-19 but their attempt at 2 extra points failed so the Juniors had a chance to win. The Senior defense stepped up in the clutch keeping the Juniors out of the endzone and winning the Powderpuff game 25-19 in the final. The class of 2023 stormed onto the field after the final play and celebrated their last Powderpuff game with a win making their combined record 2-0 in Powderpuff games. The class of 2024 on the other hand is now 0-1 in Powderpuff games, not a very good start. 

Powderpuff in and of itself is a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun doing that. It may seem like a silly idea but it is probably the best event at Enochs. Besides the competition, the hype and anticipation building up to the game are almost as good as the game itself. Not many people participate in the game but as a person who has participated in both games it’s a great experience and I would recommend that everyone who has the opportunity should take it.