To decorate or not to decorate – that is the question…

When is the correct time to break out the garland and the ornaments?

Sophie Zehner, Managing Editor

Christmas is just around the corner. The whole month of December is focused on putting up Christmas lights, and decorating the tree and the house. Gifts are being bought, and little kids are excited to make their wish lists for Santa and for their Elf on the Shelf to come on December 1st.

There are many Christmas fanatics that decorate their homes on November 1st or even in October. During the month of November, their Christmas lights are going up and outside decorations are popping up on lawns. But when is the best time to start decorating for Christmas?

“The best time to decorate for Christmas is right after Halloween” states Enochs senior, Aleena Rodriquez.

“My mom puts up the big decorations on November 1st, then waits to decorate the house after Thanksgiving fully.” Maria Torres, a senior, says. “Our house is fully decorated by December 1st.”

Most wait until the day after Thanksgiving, December 1st, throughout December, or even on Christmas Day. It seems that people are getting excited about Christmas earlier and earlier.

An Enochs senior, Jazlynn Oyler believes, “The best time to decorate is the day after Thanksgiving because it gives you enough time to get into the Christmas spirit.”

“I’d say a day or so after Thanksgiving is the best time to start. Personally, I don’t worry about Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over. And I would want decorations up before December 1st because that’s when the countdown for Christmas really begins,” says Aleiya Hardy, an Enochs senior.

According to a survey done by the House Method where they interviewed roughly 4,000 Americans, they found that:
– most people said December 1st was the best time to start decorating
– 18% of Americans begin decorating before Thanksgiving
– 4% leave their Christmas lights/ decorations up all year
– in other states, people don’t wait for Halloween to end, they put up decorations up in October
– 2.8% decorate on Christmas Day

The surveys had two different questions they asked people, when was it too early to start decorating for Christmas and when they planned to decorate for Christmas, which had varied answers.

Based on the survey results, “early to mid-November is when most Americans plan on decorating for Christmas,” which is interesting because “most households would prefer to see decorations mid-December.”

Most would agree that they like to keep holidays separate from each other, which is why they decorate after Thanksgiving. However, some glimpse over Thanksgiving and decorate after Halloween, to get into the Christmas spirit…

What do you think is the best time to start decorating for Christmas?

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