The Superbowl – What went down at America’s biggest game day

After much anticipation and an exciting final game, the scores are in and the football season has officially come to an end.


Michael Catanesi, Sports Editor

The Super Bowl, The Big Game, Super Sunday, etc. The game so popular that they trademarked the word “Superbowl”, ads that cost up to 7 million dollars only for them to be about 30 seconds long, and about 100 million viewers every time it is on. It also brings the 2 best teams of the current year head to head in one last championship game for the Lombardi trophy. Last Sunday that game went down, here’s what happened.

First, lets take a look at the two teams competing for this final win.

The Philadelphia Eagles, the best the NFC has to offer this year. They cruised through the NFC crushing the New York Giants 38-7 in a lopsided game to then also dismantling the San Francisco 31-7. 2 huge blowouts to give them momentum to The Big Game this Sunday.

The Eagles are led by breakout star Jalen Hurts as quarterback. A stellar wide receiver core consisting of new off-season acquisition AJ Brown and sophomore year star Devonta Smith will also be taking the field. They have the best offensive and defensive line in the entire league, both lines filled with stars. Stars such as Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson, both nominated as all-pros this season.

The Eagles also have one of the strongest secondaries in the league led by Darius Slay and James Bradbury at corner. They are without a doubt the most well rounded team this entire season which led to them having a record of 14-3 which is tied with a team that is no stranger to playing in the Superbowl. They are looking to win another Super Bowl as their last win was in 2018.

The Kansas City Chiefs, the owners of this year’s AFC title. They had a few struggles getting to The Big Game but they are here nonetheless. First they faced the Jacksonville Jaguars, a young team led by a younger quarterback Trevor Lawrence. It was a decently close game but the Chiefs came out on top winning 27-20. Next they faced a familiar foe, the Cincinnati Bengals who had beat them the year before. The game came down to the wire but the Chiefs kicked a game winning field goal to win it 23-20.

The Chiefs are an absolute offensive juggernaut led by this year’s most valuable player Patrick Mahomes at QB, who had arguably the best quarterback season of all time breaking the record for most passing yards in one season. But the fire power does not stop there, because they have arguably the best tight end of all time in Travis Kelce who is a member of the AP All Pro team. They have a solid wide receiver corps with players such as Juju Smith-Schuster, Mecole Hardman, and Marquez Valdez-Scantling. At running back they have a breakout star in Isiah Pacheco who got hot at the right time. The defense compared to the offense is a huge difference but that does not mean it doesn’t have its fair share of stars. Chris Jones, the best defensive tackle in the entire league made this year’s All Pro team. They have a decent secondary with safety Justin Reid guarding the deep ball and L’Jarius Sneed at cornerback. They were looking to win this year’s Super Bowl since their last win was in 2020.

These 2 teams both finished as the 1 seed in each of their respective conferences where they both had the exact same record of 14-3. As predictions go, if you bet that the 2 one seeds would make the Super Bowl and that the Chiefs would win 38-35 you would be pretty ecstatic. Although there was a controversial call that ended the game, there is no Super Bowl if there is no controversial call to end things. This game is huge in the world of sports but as for American sports nothing is greater than the Super Bowl. 

Unfortunately the Philadelphia Eagle’s last win will remain in 2018 as they fell to Chiefs in an offensive shootout. Jalen Hurts had an incredible game having 304 yards in the air and 70 yards on the ground. He also had 4 total touchdowns in a game and tied the rushing touchdown record in the Superbowl with 3 rushing touchdowns. 

Good news for Chiefs fans however, they took it all this year in a win against the Eagles. Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP. Joining Joe Montana and Tom Brady as the only players in NFL history to win multiple MVPs and Super Bowl MVPs. He did not have the best game but it was enough to win the MVP nonetheless.