A note from the adviser

A note from the adviser

Jason Campbell , Adviser

Dear Reader,

As you may well know, this school year has been anything but normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched each and every one of our lives in the last 15 months, whether that is directly through illness or through the rippling effects of this virus across the globe. It has been a time of uncertainty, hardship, and fear for many of us.

It has also been a time of resiliency, as evidenced by the presence of this student-run news website.

Despite distance learning and the challenges that it presented, this group of journalism students – the first to take a journalism “class” at Enochs High School in a number of years – have diligently worked to familiarize themselves with the world of journalism, the role that journalists play in shaping our world, and what opportunities exist to chronicle the experiences and the opportunities for students that exist on this campus.

It hasn’t been easy. Launching a journalism program – which conventional wisdom says would require face-to-face meetings – amidst a pandemic where everybody is at home was challenging to say the least. Nonetheless, these students were present, active, engaged, and ready to lay the foundation for what is hopefully a successful program that will help them see the world from a different perspective and evaluate the information that they are provided for clarity, honesty, equity, and bias.

As the adviser, I could not be more proud of what these students have accomplished, and am hopeful for the future of not only this program but the lives of those that have helped get it off the ground.

It isn’t easy to build the plane while you’re flying in it, but that is exactly what these students have managed to do, and I think that the entire Enochs High School campus is better off as a result of that dedication, sacrifice, and willingness to step into the unknown and try something new.

We hope you enjoy the articles, columns, editorials, features, pictures, and other goodies that we have in store for you.

We appreciate your willingness to share your time with us, and we will be good stewards of that time moving forward.

With the greatest respect,


Jason Campbell

Enochs Eagle Eye Adviser