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Aleiya Hardy

Aleiya Hardy, Politics Editor

Aleiya Hardy, a member of the Enochs High School Class of 2023, is serving as the Politics Editor for the second year of The Eagle Eye website. After finishing her senior year, Aleiya plans on attending MJC to get her general education out of the way. After two years, she would like to transfer to a university and major in something pertaining to journalism or mass communications. Aleiya is not sure where she wants to go to college but she would like to stay in California. When she's not busy, Aleiya enjoys reading. It brings her a lot of peace and opportunity to imagine different worlds. Listening to music has always been one of her favorite things to do as well. Lastly, in her personal time she enjoys journaling, analyzing, and writing about topics that she thinks are important.

What Aleiya loves about journalism: "I can confidently say journalism has taught me so much more about the world. I feel greatly informed and able to see or even just listen to a different perspective about a topic or event. Journalism can help many people navigate social media and news entities better. It broadens your lens and makes you see things that others might've missed. I love the fact that by being in this journalism class I have a voice. I have an opportunity to write about things that are important and inform my fellow classmates on events and topics they should know about. Journalism is so crucial and the impact it has had on me is something I will forever be grateful for."

What Aleiya loves about Enochs High School: "I really enjoy the abundance of opportunities to get involved at Enochs. The school offers so many different sports, clubs, pathways, and fun electives you can join. You have a chance to get to know the school and connect with so many different people. Everyone at Enochs is so unique and I think that's what makes this school so special."

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Aleiya Hardy