EDITORIAL: Measure L: It’s good for students

The Eagle Eye urges you to learn about and support Measure L


Photo credit to the Modesto Teacher’s Association from modestoteachers.org

Abigayle McKinney, Editor in Chief

Measure L, a proposed bond measure that has been gaining attention since it was introduced in June, is one that The Eagle Eye stands behind and urges our community members to pass for our safety, education, and our collective future. 

The bond that the MCS school board unanimously voted to put on the November 2022 ballot focuses solely on the improvement of our schools through the funding of bonds by a modest increase in local property taxes. This is to create an environment for our students that is fit for 21st-century life and education. 

While this bond does require an increase in property taxes – a bump of around $29 per $100,000 of a home’s assessed value – the proposed benefits present an urgent need that outweighs the hesitancy to increase taxes. This money will go directly into bonds that will fund upgrades, repurposing projects, renovations, and/or improvements to the schools in our area as approved by the Board of Education’s Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee. 

We as students and members of this community deserve to have an education that will equip us with the skills needed to attain a 21st-century career, in a safe and protected environment – all of which require that the spaces we learn in are capable of providing us with those necessities. 

Measure L seeks to ensure that our needs are met and our voices are heard in our requests for safer classrooms, updated technology, building repairs and replacements, and any other needed updates or upgrades. 

Though Enochs does not face the same challenges as our older fellow high schools that will require more structural repairs, Measure L will allow Enochs to ensure that our school is safe, our students are protected, and that any necessary additions to our campus can be made. 

Make sure that you and those around you are informed about what it is that Measure L seeks to do and if you are over 18 make sure that you check yes on your official Stanislaus County Ballot to approve the passing of bond Measure L.

(Editor’s Note: This editorial was unanimously approved by The Eagle Eye staff. The staff stands fully behind this position.)