Cozy season is upon us

With the end of the year approaching, the seasons are starting to change and make way for the cozy feelings of fall and winter


Creative-Family/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Emma Zulawski, General Editor

As the temperature starts to go down and the clouds start to engulf the sky, everyone knows what time of the year is approaching. Sweater weather, cozy cuddling, pumpkin spice, and worldwide favorite movies are slowly starting to take over homes across the country. Nothing else is worth the wait or the anticipation.

Fall is here. 

Cozy Season is filled with our favorite holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. We all get to enjoy the last minute thrown together costumes since you decided to go to that party twenty minutes before your friends were leaving. The meals are shared around giant serving tables while thirty people all gather around to celebrate one another. The people figuring out something warm to do for their birthdays while it’s fifty-sixty degrees outside.

It’s also another reminder that winter is soon, which is one step closer to Christmas. In our hearts everyone is still awaiting the arrival of Christmas to come falling through their chimneys. 

This season is filled with joy for couples, families, and solo-riders. There’s nothing that compares to family sitting on the couches snuggled with blankets and watching one of mom’s favorite hallmark movies. Or cuddling up with a loved one while sipping on Abuelita’s hot chocolate and watching horror movies like Chucky or fall classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can even do the same on your own with lines of your favorite food and a movie marathon prepared for you. 

The fashion scene changes as well. You get to ditch your shorts and wear jeans, leggings, or come to school comfy in sweats. Fuzzy jackets and hand warmers make a comeback while you hold yourself  together as the wind flies past you. Most importantly of all, sweaters get to take over everyone’s daily wardrobe. You will sleep in one, wear one to school, and wear one on every adventure or chance that you get. Boys, make sure to hide your favorite hoodies before they magically disappear. Trust me, you won’t notice till it’s too late. Us women have our ways.

Food comes into play also. All the foods that are made daily to keep you cool and that are easy to eat while you swim or tan on the beach are booted to the side. Smoothies, pizza, popsicles, and fruit start to slowly fade to the backs of our minds. In attempts to keep yourself warm inside while the outside conditions are treacherous, you change your ideas of appetizing food. Instead, a lovely chicken pot pie, a soup, an apple pie, or even a bake starts to be what’s popping up interest on dinner menus. 

As the heatwaves start to finally depart from our afternoons and the rain, wind, and cold temperatures make their way in, everyone knows. We all are excited and are already preparing for our fall/autumn friend to integrate into our daily lives. And boy does it feel great.