‘Wednesday’ is creeping it’s way to the top

How did this creepy and kooky series snap its way into becoming one Netflix’s most popular titles?


Trace Lawrence, Features Editor

Netflix released its newest original series “Wednesday” earlier this year and it’s already proven to be one of the most watched shows. But what caused the show to gain its popularity so quickly and what can we expect to see from it in the future?

“Wednesday” follows the story of Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, as she traverses her way through her parents former school, Nevermore Academy, as mysterious murders take place in and around the nearby town of Jericho. The series’ mysterious plot and dark storytelling draw viewers in and leave them itching for more. “Wednesday”‘s genius storytelling allows watchers to feel like a part of the story and allows them to attempt to unravel the mystery connected to Wednesday’s new school.

But “Wednesday” isn’t just a murder mystery, the series also tackles themes of mental health and unfairly expected parental standards. While exaggerated, “Wednesday” also shows concepts like the struggle to fit in and relationship troubles. So many people can relate to not fitting in or having problems with the people in your life and seeing those ideas on screen makes people feel closer to the series.

“Wednesday ” has so many small details that make it amazing and allow it to grow the fan base that it did, so what can we expect from the future? Currently a second season for the Netflix original has not been confirmed, but with season one’s ominous ending and the success the series has gotten so far it wouldn’t be far fetched to say a second season could be coming in the future. While “Wednesday” has so many different directions to go if it were to be continued, it seems that it will continue to keep a mysterious and dark atmosphere in an unconfirmed future.