Hey Mazie!

Get to know more about the up-and-coming artist



Trace Lawrence, Features Editor

Every day people find new artists to listen to, but one artist gaining traction right now is Mazie. Mazie is a pop artist from Baltimore who started making music at the very beginning of quarantine as a creative outlet. Mazie released her debut single “no friends” on April 14 of 2020 and her discography has continued to grow since then.

But she wouldn’t gain popularity until September of 2022 when her song “Dumb Dumb” was featured in the movie “Do Revenge” with Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes. After its inclusion, the song became viral as a Tik Tok audio and she saw a huge rise in popularity. But even before then she had gained a small fan base when she released her first ep “the rainbow cassette” which featured her other singles “i think i wanna be alone” and “make believe.” “the rainbow cassette” has a fun but laid back style that really allows listeners to feel the music while discussing topics of finding happiness in loneliness and the realization that sometimes all you can do is make-believe.

Mazie would go on to release her singles “spinnin” “people don’t change” and “menace.” But the most recent addition to her musical repertoire was her debut album “blotter baby” which she released on February 24th of this year. The album is a roller coaster through Mazie’s thoughts where we watch her mind and emotions evolve from one topic to another through every track. This album has a song for everyone in any situation. Whether you’re reminiscing on past relationships during “it’s not me (it’s u)”, feeling yourself with “i look good” or just riding the waves of life in “as it was before is how it ends” there is a song to match whatever vibe you’re feeling. “blotter baby” really shows the extent of Mazie’s musical ability as every song has its own style while still keeping the uniqueness of Mazie’s aesthetic.

All of Mazie’s music is uniquely her, and with colorful melodies and aesthetics Mazie’s style is like no other. Mazie’s continuous growth as an artist is reflected in her music, and I hope this growth is soon seen in her popularity as well.

You can find Mazie on Spotify and Apple Music or at her website below.