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The debate over the commencement of the Christmas season
Family meals are a staple of the holiday season.
Family meals are a staple of the holiday season.
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As the days grow shorter and the air begins to crisp with the arrival of the winter season, the age-old debate once again resurfaces: Is it too early to begin celebrating Christmas? This long-lasting topic ignites the clash between tradition, commercialism, nostalgia, and practicality.

The overall argument for an early start to the festivities is not without merit. This holiday season brings joy, warmth, and an all-around sense of togetherness. Many believe that embracing the spirit of Christmas early can extend these positive feelings and alleviate the stress that can accompany the holidays. With the challenges of modern, everyday life, the cheer and goodwill that come with Christmas can be a much-needed antidote to the rush in our daily lives.

In recent years, the Christmas season seems to emerge earlier and earlier, inching into our lives before we’ve even bid adieu to autumn. Stores alter their once generic aisles into winter wonderlands, Christmas filling the airwaves and decorations sparkle in houses well before the Thanksgiving turkey hits the table. For some, the Christmas season can begin as soon as Halloween is over. However, for others, the Christmas spirit doesn’t kick in until the Thanksgiving meal has concluded.

Furthermore, the elongated celebration of Christmas can be essential for those who relish the magic of the season itself. It allows for more time to do cherished activities: decorating with your family, building gingerbread houses, and enjoying classic holiday movies and music. Early celebrations can also make space for families and friends to plan and gather together, particularly beneficial for those separated by distance. However, over this extended holiday season, it is critical to examine the overshadowing of other key cultural and religious holidays. Thanksgiving has great cultural and historical significance for some people. By bringing Christmas to the forefront too soon, we risk undermining its acknowledgment and celebration as a time of thanks and reflection.

The concern also lies in the commercialization of Christmas. The early bombardment of sales, marketing, and promotions can overshadow the genuine meaning of the holiday season, focusing more on the materialistic aspects rather than the spirit of giving, compassion, and joy. This can eventually lead to stress and anxiety for those who overthink Christmas gifts.

Ultimately, the question of whether it’s too early to celebrate Christmas is purely subjective. For some, the joy and community spirit that accompanies the season outweighs any concerns about the timeline. Others value a more restrained approach, preserving the uniqueness and significance of each holiday in its own time. In the end, the nature of Christmas outweighs the timing.

Whether one chooses to deck the halls early or prefers to wait until the turkey is off of the table, the core spirit of the season lies in the hearts and actions of individuals, reminding us that the true celebration of Christmas can start whenever kindness and benevolence are shared.

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