How are students participating in the Arts now that we are back in person?

Being under the stage lights has changed with the pandemic


Gabrielle Martin, Website Maintenance/Social Media

As a newer student at Enochs I haven’t been able to experience everything about the Arts program. From what I do know, many students love the Arts program here at Enochs whether it’s drama, choir, band, learning to play guitar and more. There is so much in store for every student at Enochs.

The big question though is how exactly students have been doing since we were able to come back in person two days a week and how it is for teachers as well?

In my opinion I have absolutely loved going back in person and getting to meet all of my teachers and make new friends. I feel as if the teachers may feel better about it as well because I assume it’s better to teach to actual people rather than teaching to an empty classroom and a screen. When it comes to being a part of the drama department it is much easier to be in person rather than online.

Doing theater at home lacked excitement, there hasn’t been much for us to do at home. When acting you must use facial expressions and inflection but how are you supposed to do that when you’re using a computer? You really can’t. Now that we are back in person we are able to move around and really show our inflections in our voices!

Finally being able to be in person has been such a relief of stress and it’s just much more fun.

As said by my drama teacher Mrs. Garmon, she is so excited to finally be able to start having her classes perform again. Even if we aren’t able to do a show by the end of the year at least we got to be in person with one another and are finally able to interact.

I feel I am learning more about theater now that we are able to act together safely and improve our inflection skills. My classroom is right across from the band room and next door to the guitar room and I’ve had the pleasure of being able to hear each practice their instruments and I can tell they are all excited to be back and able to play with each other again. It also feels nice to hear that again, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to listen to a marching band for school or just other students talking in general that I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

Personally I feel music and theater is such a big part of high school. It’s a group filled with very talented and unique individuals that are willing to share their talents with others. Whether they’re performing for a football game, for a recital, or even just from across the hall. The sound of music in school gives me so much nostalgia and happiness. For I love music and hopefully would like to involve music and theater in my near future so it is very important to me to be able to participate in these aspects so that I can accomplish these successes.

Although music and theater may not be for everyone to participate in I do in fact feel that both theater and music can make every student or teacher feel a certain way.

The Arts are just as important as any other extra curricular activities and need to be supported by those who are also not participating in the Arts. The Arts aren’t shown as much love as maybe sports would and I feel it is important to encourage all students to be supportive in everything that is available in school.

Personally my main dream is to be able to become a Disney Princess at Disneyland for the first few years of college and in doing so having a drama background is very important. I know not everyone has the same dreams but it is important to encourage and be supportive of everyone’s dreams.

I believe going back to school has made a huge impact on many students especially those who play instruments and are involved in theater. For most students this is their life and to be able to be on a stage again or play in and with others again is quite amazing.

It makes me so happy to finally be able to start my official journey of becoming a drama major and taking one step closer to my future dreams. 

Being in person can make so much of a difference for most people and I think if you have the opportunity to come back to school you should definitely do it because it has been a blast for me especially as a new student.

Getting to know my school and it’s people has been important to me and I admire the passion the students and teachers have at this school. Everyone is encouraging and wants to succeed, and we can only succeed with the help and encouragement from others.

With that being said my experience at Enochs so far has been amazing and I love being in person. Meeting new people and getting to know my drama class has been fun and exciting.