Reviewing and Ranking Christmas Movies

Reviewing and Ranking Christmas Movies

Disclaimer: I watch most of these with my family, sometimes with friends, and sometimes by myself.

  1. Polar Express – A true Christmas movie! However, this was probably my favorite Christmas movie when I was a kid, so I’m very biased. The movie is about this boy who rides this train called the Polar Express which, if you didn’t get it by now, takes them to the North Pole, and throughout the journey, shenanigans happen and it is also a musical. There was also that one Easter egg that, if you replay a specific scene, it changes it permanently. I thought about tripping when that happened. There was also the drifting train scene that I thought was the pinnacle of the movie scene, and it’s still cool as I re-watch it while I’m typing this, so 10/10 movie. 
  2. Home Alone – In this context, I am only talking about the 1st movie. It’s a comedy movie about a kid who gets stuck at home and tries not to get killed by robbers trying to break in. It’s one of those good comedy movies that does not make you cringe. The reason I put this on the top of my list is because I just find Kevin’s traps really interesting, how fictionally effective they are and the fact I tried to replicate one of them in real life (it’s the slippery walkway one, I failed and I will not comment about it). 9/10 for helping myself become a domestic terrorist for a day.
  3. Die hard (1998) – This movie was recommended by a good fellow (Mr. Campbell), for he told me this was the greatest Christmas movie in his opinion. when I first saw it I thought, this looks like an action movie, rather than a Christmas movie, and when I watched it was just that, an action film with Christmas elements. But the question is, is this a Christmas movie? Sure it is, it’s a fine blend of both. It has the normal Christmas themes and morals, but folded upon this action-packed movie, I would give this an 8/10.
  4. The Grinch (2000) – Not gonna lie, I put this here because of the Grinch. I feel like this movie is only good because of the Grinch’s schemes to ruin Christmas and his eventual character development to love Christmas. Maybe its just the Grinch himself, but I kind of expected that. The other main character Sindy Lou, who was an ok character I guess, nothing memorable from her. It’s a good moral story so I’m putting it at 8/10.
  5. Christmas Chronicles – I was hoping this to have one of these classic Christmas plots but it wasn’t. I was surprised yet I also kind of expected some of the plot. Some memorable moments I remember from the movie is Santa Claus getting arrested and him getting jumped by a group of thugs. This movie is also one we have to save Christmas movies, which I guess is ok, but I think I heard of this plot play out before. The characters are good, the plot points are decent, and the rating is an 8/10.
  6. Nightmare Before Christmas –  Yeah, I know, this is a Halloween movie, but many people including myself consider this a Christmas movie and I am keeping it that way. The story is interesting I guess, its that type of story that only comes once in a decade, but if you do it too much it becomes extremely tiring, the moral of the story is the same for any kids’ movie, if I am saying that right, maybe its just the delivery of it that makes it unique. The only thing going for me in this movie is definitely the music and character design.  It’s a 7/10 for me.

Honorable Mentions: For the movies I didn’t watch but you should so that people can stop asking for you to watch it.

A Charlie Brown Christmas, Christmas Vacation, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Christmas Shoes, The Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, Santa Clause 1-3, Violent Night, Elf, Spirited, the rest of the Home Alone movies, Alvin and the Chipmunks – A Chipmunk Christmas.






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