Seniors Riley Maynard, Leelah Bryan, Joey Diaz, Andres Silva and Jorge Belmonte having a laugh while recording Rileys farewell podcast.
Seniors Riley Maynard, Leelah Bryan, Joey Diaz, Andres Silva and Jorge Belmonte having a laugh while recording Riley’s farewell podcast.
Aubrie Rivas

The Enochs Essence: A First Time Listener

Just yesterday, I listened to the Enochs Essence podcast for the first time. It was definitely a raw and different experience. Usually, I’m in class overhearing snippets of their plans on what they might talk about during the podcast, but actually listening to it is just…wow.

I had a lot of feelings, thoughts, laughs, etc. when I listened to them. Thinking about it now, it’s even funnier because I felt included in a conversation between four teens about random junk when there are times in person that I don’t. In person, sometimes there are moments where you could be in a group conversation but still feel left out. Funnily enough, listening to the podcast can make one feel more included in a conversation that has already happened. It’s honestly crazy to think about, so I don’t think about it too much, haha. 

The podcast I listened to was the “Good-bye Riley” episode featuring Riley Maynard, Leelah Bryan, Joey Diaz, Andres Silva, and Jorge Belmonte. I was playing games while listening to it and it was so much fun, so much so that I listened to another one afterwards. 

When I was listening to the podcast, it felt weird but chill at the same time, because I hear them in class and they all talk the same way. They were talking about a lot of out-of-pocket things and had me dead, making some super funny jokes. It was cool because there was occasionally a little bit of time in-between that would let me think of my own opinion and act as though they were actually there talking with me.

It was genuinely a pleasant listening experience but the feelings while listening are hard to express. I deeply recommend listening to it for fun.

Listen to it while doing something else like chores or gaming, so it can make the simple actions a little more enjoyable.

Listen to it when you’re alone or with other people so you have things to talk about.

It can be a conversation starter or a silly little thing to make you feel included. 

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