A return to normalcy? The 2022-23 school year brings back in-person events

The Winter Formal returns for the first time in three years


Jazlynn Oyler, Copy Editor

After three long hard years of not having a normal school year we are finally getting it back. No more teams meetings for classes or having to wear masks on campus. Even though things were semi-normal last year there were still a lot of limitations. “Last year we started the year with not everything on the calendar because I wasn’t sure what we were going to be allowed to do and there were a lot of restrictions. This year Pretty much everything is scheduled and we have no restrictions as of now” Mariano, the activities director, had said.

All the typical school events are now able to reach full potential and meet students’ expectations. Events from last year will be returning but also events that haven’t been able to happen the past three years such as winter formal. “We are doing winter formal in December, winter homecoming is in January, and prom is scheduled later in the school year.” As for events happening during the school day the leadership group plans to do more activities during lunch on Fridays. 

Mariano and her leadership team are doing their hardest to keep the students excited and involved. “I can’t wait to attend the football games and see what the entourage is going to look like this year” Enochs student, Miya Riddley says. Friday night live themes will be different as will the homecoming float themes coming up October 7th. 

Miya also says, “I also can’t wait to see what this year’s prom will be like.” Due to some covid limitations last year prom was held outside, as for this year it will be an indoor event at Venue 833.  Expectations have become set and are high. With students working together and keeping the school spirit alive the expectations can be met. 

The 2022-23 school year should be the year expectations are met. Restrictions are now lifted and things are more open. Homecoming, winter formal, rallies, prom and more are a few things to look forward to this year.