Conducting students: Meet Mrs. Rawls


Trace Lawrence, Features Editor

Being back at school we have many new members joining the Enochs High school staff. But one new member that stands out is our newest music teacher Mrs. Rawls. Mrs. Rawls specializes in string instruments “I have been playing violin for 39 years and have been teaching for 22 years.” Outside of school she is a Suzuki violin teacher but she also has many years of experience on viola, cello and bass.Mrs. Rawls also has many interests outside of orchestra. She loves to read and likes multiple different genres “I’m an avid reader. I love fantasy and science fiction books.” Mrs. Rawls also loves shopping. “I love the backpack purses from the Lunch Box in the mall and Rae Dunn stuff.” But most of all Mrs. Rawls loves spending time with family. She’s involved in Modesto Rams with her husband and she teaches Sunday school to the youth. She also enjoys playing Magic the Gathering, watching TV, and traveling around different states.
Overall Mrs. Rawls is a very experienced violinist and an interesting person and we are very excited to welcome her to our Enochs staff as our newest music teacher.