The time thief? New schedule makes extracurriculars hard for some students


Julian Alvarez, General editor

As everyone knows, Enochs has a new schedule that now ends at 3:29 and it can cause trouble for student activities after school. Students before could do school activities and possibly get home by 3:00, which is still early.

Now students are more likely to get home by 4:00 or 4:30. Its very difficult and long for students to be at school. Also Students do feel like its way too late to be at school and it gives them less time to have freedom at home until they start doing their homework.

Student Isiah Cardenas says “Im more tired now and I definitely will have to get used to it. I’m not doing clubs because I’m focusing on football but even practices after school is very difficult because I get home usually after 5.” Students like Isiah have the same problem with activities after school because of the schedule change and the clubs and school have to do something about.

Markus Lai, a student at Enochs mentioned “The new schedule kind of like made my interests in clubs go down because if I have to meet up after school or do activities for the club after school then I will get home later and I just wanna get home and chill” This will be a problem for clubs because they have to do stuff during lunch and maybe that’s not enough time for some clubs to do what they want to do and need to do.

Since lunch got shorter this year clubs might have to rely on students going after school to meetings and some people might not even show up because they are already drained from school in general. Clubs and activities will probably find a way to fit everything in but it will have to come with a sacrifice to stay after school for a little bit.

We don’t know if clubs will have more people than before participating in things but the drop off shouldn’t be that much because students will either deal with it or just drop out of clubs completely. In general this schedule will affect clubs and activities after school.