Winter Formal is back!

The first Winter Formal in three years is coming soon


Nicole Sheaffer, Activities Editor

Prior to Covid-19, Enochs High School put on a winter formal for students to enjoy, get dressed up for, and make memories with. This got shut down when we had to take germs into account. This was a sad announcement because that meant a couple of our previous classes didn’t get to experience it at all. 

Fast forward to the 2022/23 school year. We are so excited to be having a winter formal. Miss Mariano, our amazing leadership teacher states, “We are so excited to be planning our first winter formal in several years! I’m sure students will be thrilled with the opportunity to be able to attend a winter formal too!” 

The theme for this year’s winter formal will be Masquerade, and the leadership team will be transforming our gymnasium with beautiful decorations with space for dancing and fun desserts. The dance will be on December 3rd, from 8 to 11 p.m. Our past students usually would plan dinner beforehand before attending the dance. We encourage students, especially seniors who their majority of high school was online, to attend and make some memories. 

There are so many fun opportunities and memories to be made in high school and a lot of students worry about going because of it being boring, but it is what you make it. Get your friends involved and have a good time dancing and getting formal dresses, and tuxes. Not only is it fun to get dressed up and go out with friends, but you also are never going to get this time back to take pictures and laugh with your friends. 

Leadership has had an amazing time planning for this especially in the winter because we can incorporate winter decorations. This year the Masquerade theme will be fancy and super fun to dress up with. Not to mention the possibilities with pictures being taken. The DJ will be there and it will be a super fun night. Start ordering your sparkly dresses and tuxes now and get excited about Enoch’s High School’s first winter formal in years!