The good and the bad in a place like Modesto

Food and fun abound right in our own backyard

The good and the bad in a place like Modesto

Hannah Laffoon, Copy Editor

Enochs High School is located on Sylvan Ave. in Modesto California.

Like many places around the world, the city of Modesto has many things that happen and many things you can do – not only in Modesto, but the places around it also. As we are growing up it is important to know your surroundings and the things that happen in Modesto around you. 

Modesto is full of places to go and things to see. There are also many fun things surrounding us. Modesto is an affordable place to live compared to the places around such as the Bay Area. 

Areas in Modesto that you can go do things in are downtown. There are many places to eat and hang out at. One place that is filled with fun in Modesto California is the Center for the Arts. The Gallo has a rating of 4.7 and a review of “wide variety and reasonable prices” by travelers who visit it. 

Another fun place to visit are the various Escape rooms. This is a fun thing to do with friends and family. An escape room is where a group of people go into a themed room and try to find clues to help them out. Reviews show that people have a good time doing it and love it. 

Modesto also has many places with good food. There are many varieties of food places in Modesto. If you are looking for good food trucks, the Grub Hub in downtown Modesto has 5 star reviews and customers say that it is a “fun, safe, and exciting place.” If you want a nice restaurant to eat at we have fancier places such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Texas roadhouse. A citizen who works at Black Bear Diner, Jacob DeLima, states “Many people come in here and eat with smiles on their faces, this is a fun and respectful place to get food and Modesto has many places like that”. 

 Now Modesto is not only good for food and fun places but also for having nice people and nice living areas. Modesto has gated communities that are higher in price and a good sense of security for those who feel they need it.  A citizen of Modesto who lived here his whole life, Caleb Filan, said “I really Like Modesto – there are nice people and many good places to eat and things to see here. I love working in Modesto because I know the people are going to be nice and the environment is going to be fun. Not only is Modesto good itself but it is really covenant since it is in the middle of everything, you can go a few hours one way and be at the beach and a few hours another way and be in the snow”. 

However, even though Modesto is a good place like all areas Modesto does have its bad parts. Some people do not find Modesto appealing because of things that have happened here. 

Modesto has some violence that occurs here. The Neighborhood Scout website has dropped the crime and violence rates that happen here, and this webpage states “the number of crime rates is 1,758 annually.” 

A past citizen that has gotten out of Modesto, Celine Herbert, says “ Modesto was not really a place I liked. I did not feel like it was the safest and I just wanted something better”. 

Modesto is a place with both good and bad. There are many fun things here and many places to go but also some crime that happens. As high schoolers that go to a school in Modesto it is our job to know the things around us and explore our area.