“Manners are kindness”

Thinking about others can mean the world in the crazy era of the COVID-19 pandemic

Mackaelah Rodriguez, Photo Editor

Manners may not seem as important as doing homework, but it is more important now than ever before.

After the insane year humanity just had, the smallest gestures can mean the most. Time and time again people miss the importance of kindness and how it can affect the world. Manners are just simple easy acts of kindness that don’t cost anything, and being polite does not hurt anyone. When people look around they can see all the problems but there are also good things, it may not seem like much but when people are having the worst of days a simple act can make them feel one-hundred times better.

Manners like please and thank you do not seem like much but with those few simple words that cost nothing you can make someone’s day better. As a long time Girl Scout Marley Calbreath, also known as Pineapple by fellow girl scouts, learned in her job, those that don’t understand manners or kindness can be difficult to deal with.  

“I was working at a booth in Riverbank, it was about 8:50 so we were getting ready to close up, and then this little girl walked up to us and wanted a box of Thin Mints but she hated the color green,” Calbreath said. “So she demanded a new box for them. I said that is not possible because they come in this box.

“Then she reached for the box and tried to open it in front of us when she hadn’t paid for it. That’s when the store manager came outside and asked her to leave.”

This simple gesture might not seem like much but after many years of working booths Calbreath says “most people don’t do anything when they see us with a difficult customer and this person went out of their way to help us, it really helps me remember that there are still good people out there”

After Calbreath’s experience she knew how to deal with rude customers, but the kind gesture still meant a lot to her. It may not seem like much but the littlest things can matter the most to some people.

Using manners should be taught from a young age and for the most part it is.

But there are people who are not taught that you must say please and thank you or you must hold the door open for someone if they are walking out after you. These seem like normal things people should do but there are many instances where people ignore these simple principles. People often lose sight of or forget these rudimentary things that should be a habit. 

Kaylee Daniels, a high school student, learned this lesson at a young age.

“Manners are kindness,” Daniels said. “It’s not necessary but you’re taught to give it from a young age. It makes others feel good and it makes you feel good too.” 

These acts we call manners not only have a positive influence on us but the people around us. Seeing others happy makes us happy as well and can cause a chain reaction. 

Kindness makes the world a better place. With these simple acts like saying thank you or holding the door open you can make someone’s day that much better. Many people do not realize the importance of manners and how much of an impact they can leave on someone. Kindness is like a boomerang and when people help others it will come back and help them when they need it most.

Kindness can bring out the best in humanity even when it seems like there is no hope.