Schedulemageddon: The day that never ends?


Augie Manzano, Opinion Editor

With the new school year coming up for all the students of Enochs, it’s no surprise that one of the main things that students were looking forward to is figuring out what classes they have and which classes they share with fellow classmates. However, many students found out that their schedules either had two third periods, an unscheduled 4th period, or wanted to get their schedule changed and are still waiting for a change. With many students dealing with these situations, many wonder how they are feeling during these times of waiting. Three students have come forward to talk about their experiences with their schedule-related situations.

       One of the students who came forward with their experience says that he, “was feeling really nervous and a bit frustrated when I had to go in to fix my schedule,” says Enochs’ Carlos Baldeo. “I had to wait a long time to get in touch with my counselor because there was a huge wait list, which made things just a bit more stressful for me.” With schedule lines getting bigger and bigger, many students like Carlos are anxious to find out when they will get their schedules fixed or changed to what it’s supposed to be. 

       Another student who wished to remain anonymous had this to say: “I had to get my schedule changed during my first week of school because there was an error on my classes, and then I had to get it changed again not even a week later for work experience, it was really frustrating being in one classroom for about a week, and then having to go to different one so soon.” With many students having work experience thrown into the fray of schedule changes, many are questioning if they might need to have their schedule changed as well. When anonymous was asked about if students should worry about whether or not they should worry about their schedule changing, they replied, “No. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If it happens, it happens. Just roll with it.” Even though schedules are subject to change, students should not be alarmed if their schedule does in fact change, as it is just something that has to be changed.

       When I asked the counselors about the topic of schedule changes, such as wait lists and incorrect schedule listings, there was no comment I received which is a good indicator of how busy they are to try and correct and help those who are dealing with schedules that are unsatisfactory. While wait lists may be long, they seem to be trying their hardest to help as many others who have had their issues with their schedules have said that they have gotten theirs fixed, and that it’s only a matter of time before they can help you with schedule-related issues.