The senior class prepares for homecoming


Nicole Sheaffer, Activities editor

   The time of year has come where all the seniors gather in the leadership room and don’t know what to expect. All they know is they want to be a part of it. The leadership students are mentally preparing themselves for now our 4th year of building, choreographing and trying to organize this event. Weekly practices and building props in the hot sun is always worth it when we put on a fun show for our school’s Fall Homecoming. What is this? you may ask, it is our amazing Homecoming float our school is always known for?

    This whole process takes a little over a month, and even then we are crunched on time. The leadership, some outside students, and parents are always a huge part of making our vision come true. Our theme this year is Disney, and seniors always get first pick for the specific theme. This year the senior class in leadership voted for Aladdin. The juniors have the movie Hercules, sophomores have The Little Mermaid, and freshmen have Beauty and the Beast. 

   As far as float building goes, hours consist of gluing, painting, sketching, and with the parents help, putting wood up. The leadership class has a budget every year and things add up quickly, therefore the leadership group has to work as a team deciding what is worth buying or if we can make it ourselves. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get donations from parents and grandparents when purchasing decorations or props for the float. 

    When it comes to the dance portion of the float, we usually pick a handful of dancers to choreograph the dance. This year our choreographers are Isaiah Torres, Nikki Sheaffer, Gianna Henman, and Jasmine Zhener. We all meet together at least once a week fitting it into our busy schedules and try our best to make an easy, and an advanced dance for everyone getting involved. We also try to incorporate some humor and acting to make it a memorable and fun experience for all our peers performing and watching. 

    In conclusion, the homecoming float is a memorable and time consuming experience every year, and even though the long and hot days working can be difficult, I can proudly say none of us would trade it for the world, and we hope this tradition continues forever with Enochs High School!