Madilynn Barlow blazes a new trail with “Something Different”

Enochs-heavy student band up for regional recognition


Abigayle McKinney, Editor In Chief

One of the seemingly best kept secrets in Modesto is the bustling music circuit – whether it’s jazz bands playing in downtown cafes, Modesto’s annual PorchFest, or the Valley Music Institute (VMI) music from local talent is all around us. 

Enochs junior Madilynn Barlow joined us to talk about her band “Something Different” and their exciting nomination for a Modesto Area Music Award (MAMA) in the Youth Band Section. 

The Modesto Area Music Awards is one of the biggest musical events of the year here in Modesto, and is an especially big deal for those who are a part of the band/performance circuit. The awards night will be hosted at the State Theater on October 18th at 6:30pm. 

The band “Something Different” has performed everywhere from the County Fair to the hallowed halls of the Gallo Center. Their combination of rock, alternative, and heavy metal music creates a fun variety to perform on stage.

Barlow – a singer – has been a part of “Something Different” for six years now, and was beaming with pride as she talked about their upcoming nomination and the road it took to get there. 

Barlow herself has always had a heart for music, “I’ve been singing since I came out of the womb” she told us with a laugh. Her journey, like that of many other young aspiring artists in Modesto, started with the Valley Music Institute (VMI) where she was set up with a band by instructor Darin and guided through the ‘gigging’ process, having her band scheduled for various performances around once a month throughout Modesto. 

Her life has always been filled with music, her dad being a musician himself and the recipient of a MAMA award after its second year of creation.

“I’ve never been up for an award before, and obviously my dad was up for one and a lot of my friends have been up for one so it’s a really exciting experience.” 

Barlow found out about their band’s nomination from a text from her mom, and while she doesn’t know exactly how they got into the running for nomination she is super excited for the opportunities it presents for their band. 

“My mom sent me a text message of the people who were up for it and I freaked out, I almost cried.” She said with a laugh. “I’m a little nervous too obviously, but I’m so excited for it.” 

The band “Something Different” has six members in total, including two other Enochs students, seniors Cash Harmon and Mason Brown. The band rehearses together every week and can usually be found performing once a month through the VMI program. As veterans, they have priority when it comes to performances and have grown a lot over the years. 

Because “Something Different” is a band of high schoolers their days are limited, as members graduate and move away to college. However that won’t stop Barlow from pursuing her dreams of being a musician. 

She plans to continue to play with bands in VMI until she graduates, even if it isn’t necessarily with “Something Different.” While moving bands will be hard for her after so many years with one group, she won’t let that stop her from continuing on with music “I’m still going to do my thing” Barlow commented. 

While Barlow is planning on moving to Nashville to continue her life trajectory after graduating high school, she isn’t giving up on contributing to Modesto’s musical scene just yet.

“My dad and I are actually putting together something right now where we’re just gonna play background music at cafes and places like that,” Barlow said. 

It is no doubt that music plays a pivotal role in Barlow’s life and that her band “Something Different” is on to something big here in the Modesto Area music circuit. She has many more exciting years of music ahead of her, starting with her first big musical nomination. 

To vote for your favorite band and give “Something Different” A chance to earn their first big award visit before October 18th.