Opinion: Seniors, don’t take the time you have left for granted

The time has come for seniors to start looking beyond the hallways of Enochs High School and ahead to the many possibilities of the future. With that in mind, it’s important to remember to embrace the moments you have left and make some memories.


Nicole Sheaffer, Activities Editor

The time has come where the class of 2023 prepares for college. The group of kids who left halfway through their freshman year due to Covid and have just now experienced what a normal high school year feels like.

Now we are already jumping to the next stage of life – college. Some of us will be staying home, getting a job right away, joining the military, going away, studying abroad. But the amazing thing about all of these options is that we get to choose. We are approaching adulthood and no longer HAVE to do anything regarding studies, but GET to choose what we want to study, enjoy what we are learning, and soak in that freedom when it comes to making our own decisions.

This can also be a scary and intimidating time in our lives, with financial obstacles, less help, and less mercy when it comes to making mistakes. No one really feels 100% ready, you just have to start and be okay with learning on the fly.

With that said, I want to encourage the Enochs seniors to soak in as much time with their family as possible. Especially those going away. You won’t know how much you really need your family until you forget to sign up for housing and you don’t have a dorm to live in for the next semester. Acknowledge the love you have for your siblings and take them to Dutch as much as you can. Watch the football game with your dad, say thank you to your mom. Cuddle your dog, and love the bathroom you share with your siblings because it will never be the same. Your siblings will keep growing and your dog will get old while you’re away at college, and you’ll never get this particular season of your life back. Soak in your last Christmas living with your family and take lots of pictures.

That isn’t to say you won’t make new family and friends at college, but don’t take your home for granted. In this new season of our lives, really encourage yourself and never give up because money will return but memories will not. Don’t skip out on the invite, and don’t worry about that F so much. You will still do great in college and life.

There’s ice skating, rock n jump, ice cream trips, hiking, swimming, boating, skiing, taking walks, baking contests, teaching the dog tricks, going to a party with your friends, and so much more. Make those memories and make those friends because you’ll never get high school back, and especially with Covid, make this senior year count. Class of 2023 deserves it. 

Some things you can do to prepare for college is think about what you’re going to need. Some students need to get a part time job just to save up some money for college. Make sure to apply to FAFSA, and get those scholarships – as many as you can. Put those writing skills to use! Also, don’t think you can’t go to college because of money. If you really want it, you can make it happen. Anything is possible if you have the motivation and passion for it. As Mr. Hallsteinson taught us, be gritty!