The real world is coming

Seniors face the prospect of being out in the world


Trace Lawrence, Features Editor

When we enter the second semester all students are feeling emotional about the end of the year. But the return to school for the second semester begins the start of the end for seniors’ final moments as students before their adult lives begin. This short stretch of time has already proven to be a very emotional time for graduating seniors. Many seniors are feeling a range of emotions from nervousness to excitement.

One senior here at Enochs. Anna Kraus, says that the thought of graduation feels surreal, “I really have a hard time believing we are going to graduate this year.” While Anna does says she a nervous she is overall excited about graduation, “It’s scary but really exciting. I can’t wait!”

Maria Torres, another senior here at Enochs, is excited but is also dreading graduation. In an interview, Maria says she didn’t realize just how quickly she would need to grow up after graduation. Maria says “We have three months until prom, we have four months until we have our senior trip and graduation” pointing out how she feels like everything is going by so fast. Alongside her uneasiness, Maria also mentions she feels upset when thinking about her friends and the time they’ve spent together “Looking back at all of the memories I made this year with my friends is crazy because it’s all going by so fast and there’s no way to slow down time.” She continues with the following “Knowing that in seven months all of my friends are going separate ways and everything’s going to change…Seven months seems like it’s far away but in reality, it’s not. Especially when the first semester of school went by in a flash.” Maria isn’t the only student feeling some nervousness about graduation.

Another senior, Ella Huerta, is also excited about graduation but she says everything feels uncertain. “I’m scared about graduation, but it’s mostly the uncertainty of what comes after graduation. It’s not that I’m necessarily scared for life after graduation, but not having a structured schedule every weekday feels so strange” Ella said in an interview. Ella also mentions that she feels strange about graduation approaching so rapidly, she feels that our first semester flew by but also dragged on at the same time. Returning to school for the second semester has left seniors feeling so many different emotions as we call closer and closer to graduation. She compares school with a road trip by saying “it’s been an 11 and ½ year road trip and the drive home is way faster.” Ella Huerta ends by saying “all in all, graduation is coming fast, and I don’t want to miss the scenery on the drive home.”

Overall we only have a small amount of time before school ends and all the students here at Enochs are feeling different emotions. But from excitement to nervousness there are so many different ways graduation is making seniors specifically feel.