Spring break countdown: T-minus 12 days

Instead of spending your spring break lounging on the couch, choose a few local, budget-friendly activities to enjoy your time


Maria Torres, Features Editor

It’s official, we now have two weeks left before spring break is here and in action!

A lot of people like to go on trips during spring break but some people don’t know what to do and are on a tight budget. Although Modesto doesn’t have as many fun activities to do and places to go there’s still a lot of fun adventures you can go on just right outside of Modesto!

A really fun idea that you and your friends can do is to go strawberry picking. While strawberry season is typically towards the end of March to July so there’s a chance the farm won’t be open for strawberry picking during spring break it is still a great activity to do with your family and friends during the summer.

You can pick a variety of fruits depending on the time you go, so there are still options for over spring break. Depending on the fruit you pick, the price can vary, strawberries and blueberries are four dollars per pound, cherries are six dollars per pound, tree fruit is two dollars per pound, zucchini is one dollar each, and cucumbers are one dollar each. Of course your options will vary depending on what time of the year you go but this activity is relatively cheap and so much fun! 

Another good adventure you can go on as a day trip with your friends is a hike! Especially with the timing of spring break, it shouldn’t be too cold but also shouldn’t be too warm. There are lots of places you can go to take a beautiful hike. The list of hiking/walking trails just in or near Modesto can be a little long but some of the trails that look the most interesting include the Virginia Trail (15 minute drive), Tuolumne River Bike Trail (16 minute drive), and Virginia Corridor Trailhead (17 minute drive). Some of these trails are more walking trails than hiking trails but they’re still beautiful and peaceful. You could always step it up and travel a couple hours outside of Modesto and go on some beautiful hikes as well. A popular place that people tend to visit is Knights Ferry which is just under an hour drive from Modesto. 

Spring break is the best time to take day trips because it’s easier to plan since you have more time to coordinate with others and actually be able to go. Day trips with your friends especially can be so much fun and a great way to make memories. Some places you could go for a day trip that aren’t too far from Modesto are San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Livermore, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, and Lake Tahoe.

San Francisco has Pier 39 which is a pretty popular shopping center with restaurants that give you a pretty view of the water. San Francisco also has Alcatraz which can be pricey but, it is an experience that is worth the extra money.

Monterey Bay has beaches that you can visit which are so pretty and can be a memorable experience if you and your friends and family spend the day at the beach and watch the sunset.

If you want to go shopping, Livermore is just the place for you. Livermore has three times the amount of stores that the mall here does and has stores that we don’t even have in or near Modesto. There’s also some good food places if you want to spend the day shopping and grab some dinner after. 

Sacramento is another trip for shopping. Old town Sacramento is filled with shops that are just next door so you can  walk around and see which shop you want to go and check out. Sacramento also has some good hiking places that are pretty popular and definitely a site to see.

Santa Cruz is like San Francisco, but more of a beach setting. Santa Cruz has the Boardwalk which is a fun adventure to go on with your friends and family, and it also has some beautiful beaches.

Santa Cruz and San Francisco have colder weather than Modesto so if you plan to spend the day in either place make sure to bring a jacket or sweatshirt.

Lake Tahoe is more of a drive and you’d have to be okay with driving up the mountain but the view is stunning. Lake Tahoe also has colder weather than Modesto so make sure to check the weather the day you plan to go. Lake Tahoe has a shopping center and some pretty lakes you can spend the day at. Tahoe has some of the most beautiful hikes you can go on which are so pretty and worth the time and visit. 

Even though this list is dedicated to activities that can be done over spring break these are even more amazing things to do during the summer that can be done on a budget. Whichever time you choose to go, enjoy being outside and spending time with loved ones.