How to keep yourself busy during the winter blues

What happens when the sun goes away and the rain comes? Here are a few ideas


Marlen Tejeda Arreola, General Editor

You may wonder “How do I keep myself productive” during the winter blues? These long days are no joke, and it affects different people in different ways. Sometimes people notice themselves falling into a rabbit hole, while others thrive by describing their rainy days as their favorite days to relax, read, and light a candle. 

After asking plenty of highschoolers and adults about how they spend their time during these chilly days, it was clear that the season still ends up offering plenty to do. Most adults usually have a family, a full-time job, and a house to clean. Their time goes to these responsibilities whether the cold is biting a nose or not. Feeding kids, working, and keeping a house clean can be draining though, and simply emphasized during the winter. But many adults claim to look forward to catching up on shows, reading, cooking, and working on bigger projects. These are great things to occupy oneself, and there is even more to take inspiration from. 

Others, both adults and Enochs highschoolers, described their days as some of the most peaceful, where they journal out ideas and goals for the summer, phone a friend for hours, paint the rain, and do yoga for the sake of their mindset. These people definitely can be described as having strong mindsets. But everyone is strong, even if one does nothing but eat, sleep, and repeat these days.

Over half of highschoolers described their days that way. It is common and more than understandable to want to be on your phone or play video games for hours when the weather makes you want to crawl in bed, but this is definitely not recommended. As everyone may know, social media or excessive gaming may not be the best thing to do when you can’t go outside because of the negative mental health effects, especially for the younger groups here. One can always take motivation from those who were in the same shoes not long ago and most likely “grew out” of the rabbit hole and into better habits. 

On the other hand, sometimes doing nothing all day long or being productive might not interest some people. A smaller group of people claim to live by the notion ‘ignorance is bliss’; ignoring the winter blues and going out and having a good time with friends as if it was still summer, even if they catch a harsh cold. Enochs highschoolers claim that this is not terrible and rather a fun lifestyle. Of course, it is important to keep a balanced lifestyle with both rest and activity during the winter blues.