Seniors just want their year back

A senior year unlike any other has presented challenges


Andadelia Anderson, Page Designer

The Coronavirus has changed the lives of many, especially students. Seniors of 2020 had a virtual graduation and didn’t get those end of the year celebrations. Although class of 2021 has had most of there senior year online for the foreseeable future, many Seniors feel discouraged and sad not knowing when things will be fully back to normal. 

Fellow Senior, Bella Calvo, said “I think mentally it has affected me because I know I’m very introverted – it got better Junior year because  I was more interactive but now I don’t talk to anyone I’m just very scared to talk to people to interact with people because I’m scared that I forgot how to do it. So that’s the downside and also I think anxiety too – like I’m very stressed out all the time.”

Seniors are worried that if even if things do back to normal many they been at home for so long they have forgotten how to act around people. 

Class of 2020 did experience the struggle of loosing some memorable senior moments but class of 2021 has turned out quite different. Students are having to work around internet issues worrying whether they turned an assignment in on time or if the internet is slow and crashing.  Making sure we wake up on time to attend class from our beds either half asleep or at our desk either way everyone is struggling and no one is alone in this. Seniors are also facing the sad reality of not being able to play that last season of sports. Hitting that last home run making that last touch down or even  running in your last meet. Sports at Enochs are a big part of our culture and is what brings us all together. Although the Enochs spirit is not dead, we are all waiting to at least have one last game together

Letting Seniors know that we care for them and that there feelings matter is important. Another senior, Maria Anderson, said that “sometimes it feels like we are alone in this but when I started reaching out more I then realized we aren’t alone and many feel the same way.”

It’s important to reach out for help – your teachers are there for you as well as your fellow classmates. Although coronavirus is keeping us from a normal return on campus, we can all help each other virtually.

Class of 2021 – we will get through this virtual school year and we will make it memorable. Keep your head held high and don’t give up – we can do it!