Water is life: Hydration is key to physical wellbeing

A reusable water bottle is the first step towards improving your overall health


Alex Carlin, News Editor


One of the most essential needs for people that somehow gets lost in the craze of other drinks.

People simply forget how vital of an aspect good hydration is for a good lifestyle. Other drinks are good, however, they do not satisfy the body like water does. After all, 60% of our bodies are made up of water. How can this be overlooked? The thing is, water is viewed as boring rather than essential, a flavorless drink that actually quenches the thirst of the body much better than any other. I used to struggle with not drinking enough water, which led to undesirable symptoms such as dizziness and lightheadedness, headaches, tiredness, dry skin, mouth, lips, eyes, and others. Many people who experience these things fail to realize it’s from a lack of water, and I’m here to tell you that almost all the time that is directly the cause. So, what is the fix to not taking in enough water? I’m here to tell you, it’s a fix that changed my health forever. It’s owning a reusable water bottle and taking it with you everywhere you go. And in my opinion, everyone should own a reusable water bottle for that reason and others.

Having that source of water to drink whenever you’re thirsty is such a nice commodity. Especially when you’re able to fill that bottle with ice and have the pleasure of drinking ice-cold water when you’re parched, a feeling of satisfaction not matched in many other ways. And just periodically drinking throughout the day is a very good way to be able to hydrate. As I mentioned in the opening, dehydration is a problem that is unique in that a lot of people don’t even realize that the symptoms they are experiencing are from dehydration itself. Not only will the hydration that comes from a reusable bottle get rid of these negative effects, but it will bring the benefits that come from proper hydration. More energy, better functionality, and better physical and mental health, among other things, can come from simply drinking enough water. From last summer to now, I lost 30 pounds of weight and feel a lot physically better about myself. And although of course, this didn’t happen just by water alone, I believe that the transformation of drinking more water with my bottle and getting proper hydration played a big part in boosting my physical state. Drinking water has numerous benefits, and this can start with having accessible, cold, and refreshing water that comes with owning a reusable water bottle.

The other aspect of reusable water bottles that makes me believe everyone should have one is their eco-friendliness. Getting rid of plastic bottles and reusable water bottles for all would massively benefit the environment. According to stats from the Container Recycling Institute, 86% of plastic water bottles in the United States become garbage or litter. This adds 38 billion water bottles to landfills annually. But arguably the worst thing is that the process of bottling the water adds 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. A movement for reusable water bottles could have very far-reaching benefits in the long term for our environment, and this is another reason why I believe that everyone should own a reusable water bottle.

Do you want the positive effects of hydration? Would you like to help the environment by reducing waste and carbon emissions? Then join me in the movement, and get a reusable water bottle!